Geno Pheno. Keith Tyson Keith Tyson

ISBN: 9781930743502

Published: December 1st 2005


173 pages


Geno Pheno. Keith Tyson  by  Keith Tyson

Geno Pheno. Keith Tyson by Keith Tyson
December 1st 2005 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 173 pages | ISBN: 9781930743502 | 6.53 Mb

so read-it is pretty cheap when it comes to a one essay monograph. i put it here because keith tyson fucks with me a bit, and why not use this forum? the essay is solid. it bounces piece to piece as it should, attempting to extend a formula, nay, a genotype to each work, bringing more story to each.clearly tyson is a bright guy with a background rich in math/science. clearly he has a sense of humor. clearly hes delving into dada and surrealism in a way that more closely approaches the mindset of the artists of its first go-round than any of the folks who simply quote its style.

why do i sit on this fence then? at the end of it all, im left asking if i care. and really, what is that other than a question of how much he cares? hes making very strange work that still manages to come off as slighly clever. or strangely simple.

im curious as to what his practice looks like...what is his engagement with the any case, its a really nice catalog. i borrowed it from the library and wish it could stay on my shelf at home.

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