Babylon Revisited Unabridged F. Scott Fitzgerald

ISBN: 9780788708725

Published: March 1st 1997

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Babylon Revisited Unabridged  by  F. Scott Fitzgerald

Babylon Revisited Unabridged by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Ten stories that are masterfully created, but I will focus solely on one: Babylon Revisited.No word is wasted or unnecessary in this greatest of F. Scott Fitzgeralds stories. Perhaps only Gatsby gets us to the finish line in such an eloquent and timely manner.In this story, the main character, expatriate Charlie, returns to Paris (His home during the 20s boom) after the depression (story is written in 1931).

The city has changed, and so has he- broker, soberer, depressed, a widow (which some of the drama derives from), and seeking forgiveness for his sins, he is back solely to regain custody of his daughter whom he has lost touch with after living high on the hop. A series of conversations and bad encounters try to pull Charlie back into his drunken, selfish ways, of which Fitzgerald writes masterfully. The story is about redemption and maturing, and facing our own demons. The end could be construed as sad or hopeful, although I tend to believe the later.The autobiographical content is what makes it so much more personal.

This is probably the closest we get to Fitzgeralds life (maybe Tender is the Night), as he writes about the responsibility of losing a spouse, (as Zelda was now institutionalized after a decade of hard living) the cost of addiction (which Scott and Zelda could attest to) and materialism over family (which cost Scott his wife and later separated him from his daughter Scottie).

After the depression, Fitzgerald was a has been, a writer from a different age, who was passed over by writers who understood human suffering like Steinbeck, Faulkner, and even Hemingway...and yet, this story captures that moment after the crash and puts it into perspective in a way that none of those aforementioned authors could touch: emotional bankruptcy.I could talk about the language, the beautiful passages, the pitch perfect dialogue between father and daughter, the masterfully plotted pace and setups...but that is what you can discover. Ive read a lot of short stories, took classes on them, and taught them for a number of years, and no other story gets as much bang for the buck as this story.

It helps having a working knowledge of the booming 20s and the depression, the expatriate crowd in France, and Fitzgeralds biography, but none of it is necessary to appreciate the story of a man moving beyond his personal failures to try and create some semblance of familial normalcy after a lifetime of excess.

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