A New Pair Of Glasses Chuck C.



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A New Pair Of Glasses  by  Chuck C.

A New Pair Of Glasses by Chuck C.
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This is a real lifesaver of a book. I remember my Dad having this book when I was around the age of fourteen telling me Farley, you should read this book... its got some really good things to sayOf course at that time I didnt read it. But, later when I was having a tough time myself, I picked up a copy (actually, I think I stole one...

gulp).It turned out to be a damn good book. I was able, with even a small amount of braincells left to comprehend it and feel as though I was there in the front row. I read and re-read this book, and it wasnt until recently that I mentioned it to someone, and thought about reading it again.

I know that Ol Chuck does have some views that might not fit with the world we live in today, but if you can forgive him for those, I guarantee youll be a better person for taking a look at this.for fun and for free, still resonates with me today...

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