Joy Is All There Is J Marie Romano

ISBN: 9781500437251

Published: July 14th 2014


278 pages


Joy Is All There Is  by  J Marie Romano

Joy Is All There Is by J Marie Romano
July 14th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 278 pages | ISBN: 9781500437251 | 7.64 Mb

Joy is All There is is a realistic portrayal of our Higher Power in action. Overall, it is a story of transformation minus the church speak and the hypocrisy of organized religion. You see, I believe that if people could see who Jesus really is, each person could feel empowered to walk in faith, to find and form their own relationship with a Higher Power, and, ultimately, find freedom from darkness - even if fear is all you have ever known. Published as a two part series, Joy is All There is contains Sections 1 - 3, and is a portrayal of salvation or being saved from harm.

Joy is All There is - Section 4 - How Do We Get There? is a story of sanctification, the steps to freedom. These pages bear witness to the faithfulness of God when in the midst of despair and the healing miracle of Jesus Christ. I should warn you - this book is not pretty. Evil is capable of amazing cruelty, and God is, ultimately, not very subtle. This is a story about winning the game of spiritual warfare, a document about the battle for souls.

This book is not about decency, decorum or political correctness. It is about spiritual fire. It is about burning the chains of violence and setting your spirit free. God loves you. He sent his son to save us from the pit of despair - even when we behave badly, make stupid choices and are down-right selfish.

God loves us. He loves us enough to set up a Spiritual Guidance System, and, he wants you to know, help is available. Joy is All There is is an example of learning how to live peacefully within this troubled world. We are not alone. As we come to understand and appreciate this fact, the only relationship that matters is the one we have with our Higher Power. Our faith supplies the security we need to live a wonderful life. And as we perceive the world through the eyes of faith, our attitude changes, and we become joyous. Our perception permanently changes when we realize that nothing can separate us, or anyone else, from the love of God.

Joy is All There is

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